Boost converter circuit for solenoid mechanism

boost converter circuit

Boost converter circuit for solenoid mechanism

Introduction to booster:

In this article, we will see how to make booster.We are making booster circuit for the solenoid and can be used in many projects. Here I’m going to use it for the kicker mechanism of soccer playing robot. We need to design our circuit according to the solenoid mechanism. Read the post about making soccer robot for robocup in the robotics section for more details. There are other methods for kicker mechanism but the choice is boost converter.
For the kick, we have to energize our coil and to energize the coil we needed high voltages for this purpose we have designed the boost converter which converts the 12 volts into 220 volts. Our boost converter circuit has main two parts first one is power circuit and the second one is the pulse and gate driver circuit for MOSFET.
For generating the frequency and to drive the gate of MOSFET we have used 555 timers in which is operating in a normal a stable mode generating the frequency of 15.6Khz and 12volts to open the gate of MOSFET IRF460.

Formula: F= 1/0.693xC(Rš‘…2 + 2š‘…1)

The boost converter power circuit has inductor which is charged and discharged quickly by using MOSFET as a switch and capacitor is to stored charge. Our application is to charge our solenoid and use as a kick so by using the relay we discharge the capacitor when we give the signal from microcontroller.

List of components used in boost converter

1) 100uH Inductor
2) Resistors
3) 1K potentiometer
4) 555 timer
5) Transistor BF454
6) Mosfet IRF460
7) Capacitors
8) Relay
9) Optocoupler
Vout=220V, Vin= 12V, D=90%

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