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Make it mech is an educational website in the field of Mechatronics, Electrical and Software Engineering.In the name of Make it mech, the mech is the short form of mechatronics.The make it mech website creator and owners are Professional Mechatronics Engineer so you can find Any sort of help related to Mechatronics Engineering subjects or Engineering-Related topics You can contact us anytime.
The make it mech provides the information about Mechatronics, Electrical, and Software Engineering subjects.Which includes Tutorials, Projects, Project ideas, Electrical concepts and software simulations.
Make it mech helps you to achieve personal success with Expert career advice,
Make it mech helps students and individuals to create their professional profile with technical and soft skills.
The aim and objective of Make it mech is to provide the Quality content.
The make it mech has its Unique Tutorial series ( Learn By Doing) and (How and Why Tutorial series).
The blog/website make it mech (www.makeitmech.com) is created by MAK. He is the admins/author of make it mech.

Make it mech Admin/Authors :

Status: Admin/Author
E-mail: ahtsham6238[at]gmail.com
Cell #: +923242026950
Profession: Mechatronic Engineer
Skills: Arduino, MATLAB, LabView, Java, C, C++, C#, Robotics, Public speaking, writing, and electrical/electronics and Mechatronics Engineering related subjects.

Kevin Smith:
Status Author
Profession: Mechatronic Engineer
Skills: Arduino, MATLAB, C, C++, C#, Robotics and electrical/electronics and mechatronics Engineering related subjects.

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