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Control Robotic Hand Gripper With Leap Motion controller using Arduino and Processing  How  would you feel watching hand gripper

This post is the second part of the previous tutorial we have started about making Soccer robot for RoboCup.In the

 (LDR) Light Dependent Resistor with Arduino A lot of interesting projects are made on LDR ( light dependent resistor ) using

Effective Communication SkillsThis media file is the property of (make it mech) or used with proper permissionsIf you have any

Modified PID Algorithm ImplementationHey, Welcome to the second Tutorial of Line following Robot. As In the previous Tutorial we have

Hey, welcome, everyone.Here is the short tutorial on LINX MakerHub. In this quick Tutorial, we will see how to control

Welcome to the first Tutorial of NodeMcu. In this tutorial, we will learn about NodeMcu board.Why we use the NodeMcu.

Hey, Welcome to the make it much tutorials point.It's the 4th one in the series of Arduino Learn by Doing