arduino line follower

Arduino smart and fast line following Robot

Arduino Line following Robot Line Following Robot is the most common icon for building any robot.Line followers are the stepping stone towards robotics.The most basic,...
wireless robot

Soccer Robot Electronics Design Part 2

This post is the second part of the previous tutorial we have started about making Soccer robot for RoboCup.In the first part, we have...
pid alhorithm implementation

PID algorithm implementation (PID Controlled Line Following Robot)

Contents: Introduction to PIC Microcontroller (PICĀ 18f4550) Introduction to PID algorithm Sensor selection PID Controller Algorithms Code & Tuning SCHEMATIC and simulations Code The basic purpose...
wireless robot

How to make Soccer Robot for Robocup

How to make Soccer Robot for RoboCup Hey, Everyone The news is that We have some great and most exciting events coming ahead.Some of us are...
boost converter circuit

Boost converter circuit for solenoid mechanism

Boost converter circuit for solenoid mechanism Introduction to booster: In this article, we will see how to make booster.We are making booster circuit for the solenoid...

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