This post is the second part of the previous tutorial we have started about making Soccer robot for RoboCup.In the first part, we have discussed the mechanical parts.In this post, we will see

Arduino Line following RobotLine Following Robot is the most common icon for building any robot.Line followers are the stepping stone towards robotics.The most basic, easy and very first part in robotics starts with

Contents:Introduction to PIC Microcontroller (PIC 18f4550)Introduction to PID algorithm Sensor selectionPID Controller AlgorithmsCode & TuningSCHEMATIC and simulationsCodeThe basic purpose of this project is to develop the understanding of PID algorithm.Some of the basic things about

Hey everyoneA wireless controlled Omani directional robot.a wireless controlled robot can be used in many ways.i made this for playing a soccer because there was an event of soccer playing robots in my

Design a Robot ChassisIn this article, we will see how to design a robot chassis.Robot design depends on the required specification.If we are designing the chassis of Line following Robot our dimensions should

How to make Soccer Robot for RoboCupHey, EveryoneThe news is that We have some great and most exciting events coming ahead.Some of us are very curious about robotics.Sometimes just for the fun and