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Tech Startup Ideas

Top 10 small business ideas

Starting a small business related to technology is a good idea.Before any tech startup there is one biggest challenge for driving business motivation is idea.The idea?Entrepreneur ideas is the half strength of your business.Some times it is not half but the whole business based on that idea.The business niche. Choosing a Tech field is a good choice for those who belongs to somewhere from technology field.Things become more simpler and familiar when we belong to them.It is more easier to innovate things when we know exactly what we have to do.Here we will discuss some small business trending ideas.The business startup ideas for Engineering students.Business ideas with small capital

Technology startup ideas

  1. Smart Education System
  2. Project to Product
  3. 3D Printers
  4. Vehicle Tracking System
  5. Drones
  6. Mechanical Parts Designing and Manufacturing
  7. PCB Design services
  8. Technology Educational kits
  9. Home Automation Products
  10. Robotic E-Shop

1Smart Education System

The Education system has now come up with many advancements.Many of the educational institutes are using smart boards and other accessories.There is need to install some innovative systems in educational institutes.Replace ordinary writing boards with smart boards.There are smart boards available in the market with different features.Innovate with new features like the smart boards can save lectures and record in database.The students have direct access to board or they can connect their cell phones to get the access to lectures outside the class or whenever they are absent.There are other products that can be installed in the educational institutes like E-Notice boards,smart event alert systems etc.

2Project to Product

This idea comes when I was doing my bachelor degree.In every semester we made some projects related to our subjects.I never thought this at that time but now I think I could be a great way to turn projects into products.Students make projects but they do not finish it properly like a product.for example there is a very simple project “Water level Sensor” a simplest project that we have made many times but never made ot like to use as a product commercially.There are other so many engineering projects that can be converted into products.Students are the makers and you have to make the market for them to sell their stuff.

33D Printers

3D Printer is the most growing field for small business.The advance and fast 3D working printers are availble in the market.Some chinese stores are selling these at very cheapest prices.This could be a great way to start something with 3D printers.either to make something or just start selling 3D printers itself.

4Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system is another long term based small business.The concept is not limited to just install vehicle tracking system but to install many other gadgets related to vehicle security and ease.The field of automotive comes up with so many things.You can pick few products to start with.Later it could turn into something bigger in the field of automotive security and automation.


You are still not too late to start a Drone business. In some countries the drone is still not very common in use.There are so many sub field where we can utilize drones.It is just not limited to sell drones but to do many other things.Start selling drones and its parts.Or start quick delivery company it could be food or something else.The another way is start giving workshops on drones in educational institutes or start organizing drone events and competitions.There are many ways to start with drone. Thier use is growing day by day.

6Mechanical Parts Designing & Manufacturing

Cad designing is always a good to start a small business.Later on it could be turned into something in the shape of good industry.The mechanical parts are something industry machines or automotive parts.Start with the basic and simple product.Choose according to market.Designing and manufacturing is kind of business that grows once you get into it.Taking orders from industry or designing something that is not available in the market is a great way to start your own setup.

7PCB Design Services

PCB design services is a quick and easy idea to start something just after graduation.Make simple on demand circuits designing.Or simply design you own circuit for your product and order it from PCB design companies.You can design custom boards for student educational projects or for any industrial and hoe based applications.

8Technology Educational Kits

This idea is also another great way to start small business either during your studies or just after studies.A small but good to start something.Selling or making student educational kits along with installation manuals and guides.Following are the common student kits:

  • Robotics Kits
  • Mechanical parts Kits
  • Science Fair project kits
  • Wood working kits
  • kids Lego kits

9Home Automation Products

Home Automation is the most trending business in many countries.There are so many new and innovative Home Automation products available in the market.It will be a good to start with some products.Home automation is not just limited to glowing some home appliances bulbs etc automatically but there are so many other products comes in this field like automatic gates etc.Simply this could be turned into an automation company if we just start with home based Automation products.

10Robotics E-Shop

Robotics is the field for tomorrow.There is not any eCommerce based store where we can buy robots.The robots comes in many ways like not just home cleaning robots but other home based and community based robots.So for a common community there is need to start a n online robotics company where any one can easily buy and become aware of different kind of robots.

Well I have not explained all these ideas in details just because in later posts I will discuss the whole idea with business model.So we sill see how much do we really need what are our target channels and what will be our revenue streams in the coming posts.Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for new videos and ideas.



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