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How to become a successful Blogger

There are lots of blog ideas for starting a blog or video making for YouTube.The selection of niche or blog topic is the main part or we can say that It defines the progress scope of the blog or blogger.There are different parameters that depends for the selection of a progressing website blog or video channel.There are different ideas for starting a blog but what matters is your interest,quality and uniqueness of the topic.Here we will discuss some unique and broad scope topics for starting a new website/blog or a video channel.Mainly we will focus on blog topic ideas and types of articles that relates to the topic.There are lots of successful Blogger out there just because they are clear about their blog niche.

There is another post for YouTube video ideas.YouTube channel Ideas.As according to my experience the success of the blogger depends on the interest level of writing.As long as you write most demanded content you will create your existence on the web. And that level comes when you choose a unique and interesting niche for your blog.

Here is the List of some Topics/Niche blog ideas that ranks highest paying for Adsense. I recommend you to choose only that topic that clears your vision about writing.You will be clear about your topic that you will write as much quality content for long terms.

The list is quite common but we will discuss what types of articles you can write using these broad niches.Which sub topic we can follow.
Blog Topic Ideas-Blog Website ideas

Blog Niche Ideas


  1. Troubleshooting Guides
  2. Physical and Psychological Fitness
  3. Technology World
  4. How-to and Listicles
  5. Current affairs Discussion-social-electronic media Trends
  6. Writing guides-Blogging tips-SEO tools tutorials
  7. Celebrity news and discussions
  8. Corporate news and legal documentations
  9. Life and inspiration
  10. Agriculture and forming news and success

Troubleshooting Guides:

Troubleshooting guide is one of the best and broad writing topic.Trouble shooting guide has high google Adsene click per cost and the google search engine volume.

There are Different Directions and subcategories of this topic.We can develop as according to our interest. Here i’m going to discuss some of the best example for writing a good quality and viral content based upon troubleshooting guides.

Troubleshooting article ideas:

  1. PC / Internet Hardware and software Troubleshooting
  2. Mobile / Laptop and gadgets repair and troubleshooting guides
  3. Home appliances and electrical repair guides
  4. Automobile mechanic and electrical problems troubleshooting
  5. Engineering Components-wooden and other home repair guides etc.

We can start on any topic related to repair and trouble shooting.

Bonus tip: If if don’t know how to write anything or don’t know much about the topic then hundreds of video tutorials and guides available watch and express in your words. Use YouTube tutorials series as a reference and Qoura for more help.

PC / Internet Hardware and software Troubleshooting

Choose hardware or software as according to your interest and knowledge.

Hardware Issues

Use Qoura for common raised problems and question by other people and then do some research about that and write in your words.

  • Common hardware Power problems-computer is not getting power.won’t power on.won’t charging etc.
  • Memory-Ram issues-Computer restarts continuously-Blue-screen issues etc.
  • Hard dive and motherboards repairing-PC unable to boot etc.

Software Issues

  • PC performance and optimization guide
  • Computer freez and bluescreen problmes etc.
  • Best softwares for performace etc
  • Malware-spyware viruses guide etc.
  • Wifi and network related issues etc.

Mobile / Laptop and gadgets repair and troubleshooting guides

  • Common Mobile repairing issues
  • Software-apps installation guides-Reviews
  • Mobile sets setting guides
  • Mobile / Laptop performance and maintenance guides
  • Laptop/mobile/Smart TV connections and network guide

Home appliances and electrical repair guides

This is one of the best topic for writing with low competition. If you have much knowledge about home appliances and repairing then don’t wast your skills.Learn and enhance by writing amazing blogs.

  • Common TV/Fridge power problems
  • Home wiring Issues
  • Common fuse and trip guides
  • Distribution panel guides
  • Home appliance powers and metering guides
  • Home appliances settings and installation guides

Automobile mechanic and electrical problems troubleshooting

This is one of my favorite topic for writing but actually I don’t know much about auto troubleshooting.I always faced a car ignition or low battery problems in my car.Sometimes just a little wiring issue or any simplest problem that we can solve it by our self.Now I have changed my car  finally but this happens most in winters when car does not start but just sounds cracking.

So this is something a really good and amazing topic to write about.Hundreds of millions of articles can be obtained related to this topic.

  • My car won’t start
  • My car sounds cracking but won’t start
  • Car Fuse and other electrical wiring guides
  • auto parts guides
  • New and old cars camparisons
  • auto performance and gadgets etc.

Physical and Psychological Fitness

This is another broad Niche. Health and fitness is a great topic to write about.

We can write in two different ways.Either to write about:

  • Physical fitness
  • Psychological fitness

Physical Fitness

  • How gain weight
  • How to loss weight etc.
  • Tips to burn calories
  • Nutrition guides etc
  • Workout tips etc.

Psychological Fitness

  • How to control mood and emotions etc.
  • How to be happeir
  • Yoga-Meditation guides
  • Depression and insecurities etc.
  • Memory and brain sharping etc.
  • Mental success and health etc.
  • Personality and dressing sense etc.

Technology World

Tech is one the topic that has more search volume and trending topic day by day.This is really broad topic for writing.

  • Industry News-write about Latest trends and products like apple Microsoft new launch etc.New launching products like flying cars etc.
  • Latest trends in Technology-Like new gadgets automation and robots.for example a few days back Robot sophia got a great online attention similarly flying cars.
  • IT-Science information-information technology and science news and guides.
  • How to Tutorials and Listicles-Tutorials related to Engineering and technology.
  • Gadgets and apps reviews-New tech gadgets and apps software reviews.
  • Event discussions-Latest events in tech world-IEEE conferences -social tech meetups etc.
  • Military and security news-New products discussion and new technology awareness

How-to and Listicles

How-to is really wide topic.we can choose any category for this topic.As according to my recommendation first decide about which How-to guide you want to write about like:


  • How to do
  • How to change
  • How to Avoide
  • How to Repair
  • How to use etc.


  • Top android games and apps etc
  • best Apps and gadgets lists
  • Books and movies lists
  • business and startup lists
  • blogging and earning ways lists

Current affairs Discussion-social-electronic media Trends

  • This topic covers the latest trends and news in social media.Discussion about the current affairs related to social media or politics etc.
  • Discussion about some viral or trending social media content

Writing guides-Blogging tips-SEO tools tutorials

Blogging and SEO has a good research volume in search engines.A great topic to discuss and write about.

  • Writing articles ideas
  • Easy and story writing ideas
  • Blogging and videos making guides and ideas
  • SEO guides and tools etc.

Celebrity news and discussions

This topic covers the news and discussion about celebrity new and events. Celebrity new movie or drama launching discussion or related to his/her personal life discussions etc.
People are curious about their favorite celebrities and about their life.for this you need to be more social animal for latest celebrity news and trends.

Corporate news and legal documentations

This covers the latest news and ideas about corporate and business life.Write about legal documents that most people don’t know about the legal procedures and about legal documents.

Life and inspiration

This is also one of my favorite topic.A really good and wide nich topic.

  • Tips about Healthy relationships
  • Personality traits and success etc
  • Happiness stories and tips
  • Personal experience and humor stories
  • Inspirational and successful people life discussion
  • Recommendation for self improvement
  • How to live extraordinary successful life tips etc.

Agriculture and forming news and success

Agriculture is a topic that has a low competition nich but great topic to write about for High pay per click cost.

we can write about these areas in Agriculture:

  • Dairy Products discussion and reviews
  • New forming ways
  • New technology in forming
  • Agriculture business guide and business ideas
  • Tips to increase forming productivity
  • Latest offers and schemes in forming.

I hope you liked this guide.If you like then share it with others and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more ideas.There will be other detailed posts about how-To articles lists.Stay connected for more ideas.Stay happy and stay motivated…

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