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Introduction to RFID Systems:

In an era of modern technology, RFID technology is becoming inevitable in advanced industries. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is already setting the precedence and becoming the necessity, with the rapid increase in demand of RFID systems in the broad spectrum of diverse fields, precision holds the key, which lays out opportunities to come up with extravagant and primitive RFID systems.

RFID serves the purpose of information exchanged, and by introducing Electromagnetic waves Power can be carried out between a reader and a tag with the aim of automatically identifying and tracking objects, one stupendous thing which sets RFID apart from the other barcode systems, the line of sight is no longer remains the requirement, a reader and a tag can make communication possible if they are in specific range and it is considered to be 98% accurate, far better than any barcode type system.

RFID works on three different frequency ranges, low frequency (LF) 125 kHz or 134 kHz ranges up to 10cm, High Frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz ranges up to 1m, Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 860 MHz-960 MHz ranges up to 10m-15m. Albeit, it’s not a new technology but its effeteness comes to light by the end of 1st decade of 21st century. As the industries comprehend its effectiveness they more get plunge in to and installing RFID system excessively, here is the list of few RFID emerging applications. Applications of RFID Readers, RFID E-tag Readers, E-tag Readers, RFID chips.


01: RFID Penetrates in Laundries:

Laundries are ready to adopt lucrative technology, with the rapid increase in demand of RFID systems iDTronic sensed the urge to come up which something enticing, iDtronic has come up with an efficient UHF polyester Laundry tag, which can be convenient for professional cleaning of linens and textiles.

The label is compact and having dimensions of 60 × 20 mm and a depth of 2.1 mm. Tag can be sewn separately into garments pocket. UHF tag has various other applications within laundry as well. UHF tag remains intact even after 200+ wash loads which talks volume about its robustness. It has amazing range of 5 meters which implies that it can easily and efficiently read garments from a certain distance.

02: RFID integrated with Block chain:

Block chain undeniably is one of the fascinating invention of 21st century, few individuals or an individual known by pseudonym SATOSHI NAKOMOTO has changed the dimensions of this internet based world by introducing Block chain, an incorruptible method of transactions and the details of transactions kept at more than one location, simply extirpate any chance of manipulation.

Now it has been deployed in innumerable applications as well due to its durability and reliability. Having the importance of block chain technology in mind Dutch firm comes up with a plan to integrate block chain in RFID tag. Smartrac is planning to integrate block chain technology in its products to enhance traceability and security. Smartrac (an RFID and IOT company) partnered with SUKU (Supply chain platform) stenciled to give innovative experience.

The usage of this collaborating device is humongous as block chain serves the purpose of incorruptible, smooth, secured and traceable transaction, and RFID works as a tracking device. The collaboration of giant due can be proved beneficial in so many ways.

03: RFID tags in Eye Care Clinic:

RFID has always been a delightful spot in health sector since its inception. Kellogg Eye Center in Michigan University comprehends the benign repercussions of RFID system, and has decided to introduce RFID in clinics with connotations to reduce gnawing wait at clinic waiting area and to enhance client time with doctor.

As RFID chips are inexpensive, they decided to come up with RFID implanted tags which they would hand over to the patients, having intentions to track their waiting time inside the clinic waiting area, long waits generally affect the mood of the patient.

04: RFID Penetrates in Cement Industry:

More and more industries are ensuing early adopters after analyzing the benefits they get with the deployment of RFID tags, Cement industry after analyzing others success, has decided to have hands on with most emerging technology of current era.

They implant RFID tags on cement sack to trace it, how many sacks of Cement has displaced and how many are left, now they don’t need the assistance of extra man to do this work for them as they have technology with minimal risk of error.

05: RFID deployment to resurrect person’s movement:

Humans are blessed with the brainpower and it increase when we use, with that another astonishing application of RFID come to light when researchers at Carnegie Mellon University come up with embedded RFID tags in clothing for skeletal tracking.

CMU researchers used mobile antenna to supply time of flight sensor, multiple tags are embedded in clothing from which backscatter reflected back, provides subtle signal changes (if any) with respect to time between the tag and the object and by analyzing the skeletal movement, we can have better postures at our won disposal.

There are numerous emerging RFID applications but I have listed some trending ones which simply acclaim RFID domination. Feel free to contact us if you need any help. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos ideas and Tutorials.

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