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Basic Electronics How and Why to use electronic components Tutorial

Basic Electronics

Electronic components

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Here We have another exciting Tutorial series.How and Why to use.In this tutorial series, we will learn about Basic Electronics and electronic components , IC’s, Transformers and motors, Sensors/Modules, Controller boards, Tech gadgets and all other Engineering and Electric/Electronics components.

This is the very first tutorial of the series.The Tutorials will also be available in basic electronics ppt and basic electronics pdf  and The basic electronics questions and answers PDF format later.we will learn about the basic components in this post.After basic components, we will move towards the advanced components.

The idea behind this tutorial series is to learn quickly and easily about the electronic components. When we use any component in our project, we must have the basic knowledge about the component.The pin-out configuration, basic circuit diagram, the actual purpose of the component, graph, electrical symbols and necessary calculation formulas. Searching over the internet about the pin configuration, circuit diagrams, and basic functions takes a little time.We don’t have enough time to read the large data sheets and unnecessary stuff.Just the basic knowledge about the component and How and why we use the component.

Today we will learn about the following three basic electronics components.

  1. Resistors
  2. Potentiometer
  3. Switches

This is the Video-based Tutorial so you have to watch the video.So Subscribe to YouTube channel for more  videos.Everything has been explained in the video.

In this Tutorial we will learn:

  • How and Why to use
  • Symbols
  • Types
  • Graphs


Resistor is the most basic Component in the history of electronics. This is the very first step in the electronics learning. As the name suggests Resistor that means it resists something.Sometimes we don’t need much or we just need we is desired so for that a resistor works for us.In electronics the resistor is used to control flow,the flow of current between circuit.Resistor is the part of almost all of the circuits,There are different components in the circuit and they operate on their different configuration and ratings,For that a Resistors is used for their requirements.



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Potentiometer is also the type of resistor but used in different way.Some times we need a varying voltages. With Potentiometer we can vary voltages.We can control the voltages as according to our needs. There are different types of potentiometers available in the market.They can be used in different applications. They can be used in varying frequencies, voltages , volumes etc.

how to connect pot


Switches are widely used in different application.Switches are also the most basic component in electronics.There are different types of switches and they are differ as according to their functions and applications.

The switch is basically make or breaks the circuit.Just as to break the voltage flow in the circuit and breaks the connectivity of the components.

There are different types of switches available we will discuss each and every type in a separate post. The Basic switches are

  • Single pole single throw
  • Single pole double throw
  • Double pole single throw
  • Double pole double throw.
  • limit switches
  • Toggles switches

types of switches


We will discuss about pole and through in the separate switches part.

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