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  • Make it mech is looking for Team Members
  • If you want to upload on YouTube join Our Network
  • If you are facing difficulties for growing your YouTube channel or Facing difficulties Reaching Monetization Requirements you can use our YouTube channel without any difficulty and without any earned money deduction.
  • 100% Your Earned payments will be delivered to you securely.
  • Become make it mech Partner and Connect with Global community
  • Use our YouTube platform and Earn or Grow your Network

How it Works

  1. Become Team member
  2. Get Access to YouTube Channel and Start Earning
  3. Transaction On Reaching 50$ with live submitted Content analytics
  4. Payment method Western Union
  5. 100% Secure Payment without any charges

Channel Instructions

  1. There are no limitations on uploading
  2. Watch real time analytics and Revenue reports
  3. Upload only topics related to the following Categories.
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Ideas
  • Crafts
  • Startups etc

You can upload anything related to these categories.

Note: If you need assistance or topic for uploading you can contact to our support Team.


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