Functionality and Applications of the brain wave EEG project

Brain Wave Decoder

EEG waves

This is the complete step by step guide of Brain wave decoder project.We will cover each and every step with details and practical results.There are three main parts of the project The hardware,circuit designing and the software.In the hardware section we will discuss about EEG project applications,The selection of electrodes for capturing EEG waves. The circuit designing part consists of designing filters for extracting EEG waves.The last part is about test results and real time EEG wave simulations. The brain wave controlling EEG project consists of many sub sections.The complete project will be covered in the following posts.

  1. Brain wave decoder EEG project step by step guide
  2. What is EEG and How it works
  3. What is the History of EEG waves and Neuro imaging techniques
  4. Brain computer interface BCI monitoring systems
  5. Functionality and Applications of the brain wave EEG project
  6. Material required for portable EEG system development
  7. How to select electrodes for brain wave EEG project
  8. circuit designing steps for EEG portable monitoring device
  9. How to design filters for EEG circuit
  10. Schematic diagrams of brain wave EEG project
  11. Simulation analysis of brain wave controlling EEG project
  12. Challenges and Problems in EEG brain wave controlling project
  13. Final results of brain wave decoder EEG project
  14. How to filter EEG waves on MATLAB
  15. Future research for EEG project
  16. Hardware and software list for EEG project


The functionality of the system is EEG Data collection with high accuracy. The signal picking from over the scalp using dry electrodes there will be no skin damage or surgery involves in the process.

The system is low powered so there is no any kind of brain damage issues. The system is portable and easily wearable. The EEG signal is Filtered, Amplified and digitized using the most convenient methods of designing filters and amplifiers. The electrodes pick the low microvolt signal from over the scalp and sends to the difference amplifier. After the notch and second order low pass filters removes the extra and aliasing noise to make the signal readable by the system. At the end signal sends to the wireless transmitter to control any application.

The following Fig- shows the functionality diagram of the system.

Project Objectives

The following are the main objectives of the project:

Arduino Development Board

Arduinouno_r3 and Arduino Mega 2560 are the modules we used as a platform for our programming strategy. Arduino uno_r3 module consists of ATMEGA328 controller. This controller belongs to AVR family.

Wireless Communication

This part of the project is used to send signal wirelessly to make the system portable. The analog signal from the amplifier circuit send to the Arduino development board after that the signal has been converted into digital using Arduino built in ADC.

There are different ways for wireless communication. The best and most suitable and easy way for this project we have choose is Bluetooth communication.

These are the ways we can send signal wirelessly to the application.

  1. Bluetooth modules
  2. Nrf 24l01+ modules
  3. ZigBee modules
  4. WIFI module
  5. NodeMcu

Bluetooth Communication

The Bluetooth communication is quite easy. Two modules of Bluetooth are used as transmitter and receiver. The two HC_05 BT module used for communication. If we are using two module then we will have to connect these in a master  and slave configuration.

We can also use other ways like using PC BT to receive signal in PC and perform real time signal monitoring.

Applications of the Project

There is a significant advancement in the field of brain signal decoding and monitoring. Through brain monitoring and controlling and BCI application there is a chance of improvements and possibilities in the life of paralyzed and patients and disables.

For medical and disable population the BCI applications have three main divided groups. The first group is (CLIS) patients. The patients who are completely lost. The second group is (LIS) patients. These are not completely lost but half of their body parts are locked and not works, they can move their eyes, eyes blinks and similar movements. The third group is that potential BCI users. Like in prosthetics etc. There are many different areas where the BCI applications have been used like video games and entertainment and control and communication.

The following sections briefly describe BCI and wireless brain wave controlled applications These categories are classified into different areas that involves:

  1. Medical,
  2. Neurorobotics, Prosthetics
  3. Communication and Control
  4. Smart Home and Environment
  5. Neuromarketing and Advertisement
  6. Educational, Phycological and Self-regulation
  7. Video and 3D Games and Entertainment
  8. Security systems and Authentication fields

Medical Applications

The EEG monitoring systems and BCI systems are most widely used in medical fields. There are vast areas of research and improvement available in the medical field. There are variety of Applications in the field of medical. The brain wave monitoring can help in detection, prevention and diagnosis. User state monitoring and patients brain activity monitoring can help in many disease preventions. Fig shows how brain monitoring system can help in medical field.

The brain monitoring system can help in mental state monitoring and provide better understanding in medical and health issues. It can help in diseases like abnormal brain structure or brain tumor the Seizure disorders, other Sleep disorders and brain swelling. The brain structures in stroke injuries can be reorganized. In brain stroke damaged motor functions can be restored by neuroplasticity. One more aspect in brain monitoring is to measure user brain state the concentration level and motion sickness. It can help in preventing accidents on roads by driver’s motion sickness. So we can use brain systems to indicate the current state.In our project we are also using brain monitoring system as medical application. The EEG system responds as according to left and right brain. Whenever we start focusing on left it will respond similarly on the right-side brain, so we can utilize that response to control any application related to medical field. For example, a paralyzed person cannot perform any task itself, so he can use brain responding system to give indication or message to someone. It can also use as in hospital for patient’s communication.

One more interesting application that we are working on is to design a system for conversion of sign language using brain waves so a dumb can communicate using their brain waves.

Neurorobotics and Prosthetics

The EEG system and BCI systems have been using in the field of neurotics and prosthetics. The prosthetic limbs and legs have great impact and improving the lives of disabled and paralyzed people.

Communication and Control

There are variety of applications in of BCI and EEG systems in the filed of communication and control. The low noise EEG signal can perform any task in the field of communication and control. The BCI systems are the bridges between human brain and the physical world real applications. The mind controlled wheelchairs Robots and Drones are using to help the better and advance future applications.

Video Games and Entertainment

Brain computer interface has any applications in Video games and Entertainment. Various 2D and 3D games have been developed. Existing brain systems have come up with their games and apps to improve mental consciousness.

There are collaborative Brain games like game arena have been developed for multipurpose and multiplayers.

Everything will be cleared in step by step guide so stay connected for more tutorials and guides.If you have any query about the project feel free to comment below and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials and project application ideas.stay happy and stay motivated.

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