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If I ask you, ‘how many fingers do you have’, you will be able to answer it in the blink of an eye, did you ever think, why?

When you watch a movie and someone asks you about the movie, you are able to explain the minor details immediately and the basic concept of the movie, even after a year.

When a new TV is bought and turned on, you normally experience a hissing sound and a white screen with black dots [white noise] on your TV. Once the TV is properly tuned-in, You can Enjoy the crystal clear Picture with perfect sound.

This Picture is a raw head of a student with a grim face, as the student is trying to understand the subject s/he is studying, but unable to do so. The two knobs attached to his/her forehead are IQ [Intelligence Quotient] on the left and EQ [Emotional Quotient] on the right and these knobs are for him/her to make use of, just to fine-tune the mind in order to get the clear picture,the clear picture on the screen of his/her mind. The wires are the neurotransmitters used to send and receive signals.


It is very difficult to store a new information in the brain especially when the information is not already stored somewhere in the brain.The brain requires great attention as the capacity for brand new information is limited.[Learning Mind]

You as a student are, Television [new to the world], your parents are the Power Socket [funding your education], your teacher and the subject you are studying is the Channel and your cable operator provide the courses you will be studying during your educational career.[the institute]

Take this example the teacher shared a concept in the class is like a signal,a signal that is not received properly by you,Same as like you have not fine-tuned your mind to receive the signal (the concept), because either you are not interested in the course or you are not inclined to study at all. So it is like every single information shared by the teacher in the class acts as a ‘white noise’ on the screen,on the the screen of your mind.

In order for you to get hold of the concept, you need to put in a concerted effort to fine-tune your mind into learning the concept.The concept that the teacher shared in the class,by eliminating the white noise [unwanted thoughts] while in the class and engaging yourself by completely immersing into the shared information written in the book, while lying in your bed [in the comfort of your home].

When you fine-tuned your mind and with that fine tuned mind that completely grasp the concept,The concept that teacher explained in the class. You are ready to appear in the exam and since the concept is loud and very clear in your mind same like a film, So Each and everything you will be writing in the your exam paper it would be like describing the film running in your mind and you will be bound to succeed with ‘flying’ colors in the exams. 

During in the primary classes, we used to hear the uttering sounds of our teacher ‘Learn-by-heart’.

You can motivate yourself to study not for the sake of studying but for the sake of understanding the intricacies of the world, you are in, by synchronizing the concepts in the book with the frequency of your mind to resonate with the tune of the universe, using this analogy.

Sajjad Hussain~


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