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How to live Without Fear of failure-Merchants of Fear


We are living in a society marred by the agents of fear wreaking havoc in the lives of masses, dictating their own terms of engagement for a common man to survive, without having an inkling of what they are doing to the already devastated lives of poor masses.

To begin with, my life is divided into three times namely, Past, Present, and Future and so am I, surrounded by three kinds of people. Two of them are so-called self-proclaimed custodians of my life in their own right and the third individual is none other than the ‘egoistic me’.

The three of us are all living in the Present, yet I am dragged into the past by the theologian [the so-called custodian of my religious beliefs], as he has stories from the past on which he can capitalize by selling ‘Fear’.

I am forced to lead my life into the future by the politician [as he paints my present in gloom and promises my future in bloom] thus forcing me to live in present with ‘Fear’, with a promise to change my future by painting a rosy picture.

I personally like to live my present planning for a promising future ahead with a ‘Fear’ of failure looming in the back of my mind.

Since I am born free, so it is only me who has the right to live the way I want my life to be, yet I am continuously being forced to live a life dictated by the ‘Merchants of Fear’.


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Sajjad Hussain

I am a teacher, trainer and student counselor. I have taught both engineering and management students at the undergraduate and master’s level. I have been associated with NED University of Engineering and Technology, Institute of Business Management and PAF Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology where I have taught Engineering Project Management, Professional & Social Ethics, Technopreneurship at the undergraduate, and Global Communication Industry & Policy, Business & Information Technology, and Technology Management at the master’s level. I have also been associated with BIZTEK and PIMSAT where my core subjects were Operations Management and Service Marketing. As a Training Facilitator, I have conducted a number of orientation sessions for visa ready immigrants proceeding to Canada from the platform of the International Organization for Migration. I have also conducted Guest Speaker Sessions at various institutes of Higher Learning. I am an Electrical Engineering graduate from NED University of Engineering and Technology and have done my Masters from NED University and Project Management from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. In addition, I have practical work experience of over 15 years, working with organizations like KESC, Siemens Pakistan, DHA Cogen & WorldCall in various responsible positions.

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