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How to Nurture your Mind? How to Increase Mind Abilities

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog “Life of Mind” but this time around it is based on water analogy.

There are four things common to humans and animals: Eating, Shitting, Sleeping and Reproducing. The only thing which distinguishes humans from animals is ‘Thinking’. For filling out the tummy, we humans need food so does the animals, but food for the soul/spirit is knowledge. Since animals do not have the capability to think, so they are more concerned about their food than anything else.

The significance and importance of water in our daily life is very much known to all of us. A garden has grass, plants, and flowers of various colors and scents and it looks nice when it is watered and nurtured properly, but the blossoming flowers are of no use unless the scent of its flowers and/or its fruit is spread all across.

Our mind is the seat of knowledge it is like a garden, it is fertile enough to grow grass (understand data), plant & flower (information), and scent (wisdom), and this garden needs to be nurtured by water (knowledge), so does our soul/spirit.

The title of my blog is Nurturing the Mind, so when our mind is nurtured by knowledge, it has the capability to spread its scent through Words of Wisdom (WoW). One such effort I made recently is being shared here for you to cherish.

powerful motivational poetry

In the picture above, I have written [in Urdu] my own verse, which can be interpreted as if you want to understand what is ‘knowledge’ then make an analogy of it with water. Water flows, so does the knowledge. But when water is hindered by a rock, instead of continuously hitting the rock, it paves its way through and moves on. Similarly,  when a knowledgeable person is confronted with a literate illiterate, instead of engaging in a frivolous argument, avoids confrontation and moves on.

So by nurturing our mind with knowledge, we can develop the tolerance for people around us who are ignorant of the beauty of life and engage themselves in petty issues to seek an opportunity to fight for no good reason.

Sajjad Hussain


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