Mechatronics is field compiled by three major fields. Mechatronics Projects consist of well researched ideas that provide a way to build innovative Robotics that are based on systems that  uses mechanical engineering with electronics. Mechatronics Engineering projects covers all these fields of electrical ,Mechanical and Programming.In other words all the applications of Automation and Robotics comes in the field of mechatronics. Here we will see some Mechatronics final year project ideas.This technology is being widely used for their reliable and efficient solutions where mechanical work is to be done repeatedly and with great accuracy. Here I am going to share with you some mechatronics project ideas which will help for you to make your Final Year Project.

Mechatronics projects List

  1. Two Wheel Drive Forklift For Warehouses Uses In Industries
  2. Electromagnetic Braking System
  3. IOT Machine That Sort Out Products Based On Colors
  4. Power generation Project Based On Mini Windmill
  5. Automated Coconut Scraping Machine
  6. Mini Belt grinder Project
  7. Pneumatic Powered Metal Pick and Place Arm
  8. Automatic Wheelchair
  9. Skateboard With Pressure Sensing
  10. Push Based Box Transport Mechanism

01Two Wheel Drive Forklift For Warehouses Uses In Industries

Factories, industries and storage go downs need forklifts and cranes for storage and moving large goods. Also there are a number of goods weighing around 40 – 60 kgs that are comparatively lighter but cannot be moved around easily by human labor. To fill this need we here proposed a 2 wheel drive forklift to transport and lift such medium weight goods across factories and industrial warehouses. This Project has a high demand in industries.

Electromagnetic Braking System

Electromagnetic braking simply means applying brakes using electronic & magnetic power. Here we use the principle of electromagnetism to achieve friction less braking. This tends to increase the life span and reliability of brakes since no friction leads to less wearing out of brakes. Also it requires less maintenance and oiling. This is one of the interesting project which students in Final Year Semester like to make.

IOT Machine That Sort Out Products Based On Colors

Color Based Object Sorting has a wide usage in candy sorting as well as fruit sorting industries. This system puts forward a mechanism to sort items and detect color through image processing. Once identified, a mechanism is used to sort out the candies into particular bins baskets.

Power generation Project Based On Mini Windmill

This Project is always has a need in many industries as to use the power energy which provides a less cost but can be use for high power generations, so this is best to make it for your final year.

Automated Coconut Scraping Machine

Coconut is massively used in food Industry within industrial food plants as well as at homes. Scraping coconuts is a very time consuming task. Manually doing so requires a lot of efforts and is not so economical.

Mini Belt grinder Project

It is a rough machining process for wood. It is commonly utilized as a completing procedure in industry. A belt, covered in rough material, is kept running over the surface to be handled so as to evacuate material or create the ideal finish.

Pneumatic Powered Metal Pick and Place Arm

In this project we have to demonstrate, how automation helps us in fast conveying of ferromagnetic parts. The runing Conveyors are used with robotic arms with pneumatic powered to achieve the functionality of pick and place.The system makes use of pneumatic cylinders with tubing valves, electro-magnet. Rods, shafts and supporting frame.

Automatic Wheelchair

The wheelchairs are generally driven by manual efforts. The disabled drive wheelchairs by their hands while another person is required to push wheelchair of disabled. A simple attachable extension attaches to a wheelchair and can transform wheelchairs into E wheelchairs that need no manual efforts.

Skateboard With Pressure Sensing

The generation of e skateboards is here where people just need to lean on the skate board and motorized board moves along. It is a skateboard that integrates the power of electric motors with the comfort of a skateboard.

Push Based Box Transport Mechanism

This system allows us to bring stacked boxes upon one another to a flat line for transportation on horizontal sections. The accurately cutout sections allow the boxes to slide horizontally with accurate distance from one another since we use push based mechanism to push individual boxes with just one motor.

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