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How to be Creative to Generate New Ideas -The Short Circuit of Mind

how to be creative


I was struck with this idea,When I was explaining to my students how an idea strikes your mind,  which made me think twice, if it is, as I am thinking or something else.

To complete a circuit, we need to have two wires, one is live the other one is neutral and when they are connected at one end with a battery and a bulb on the other end, the bulb turns ON.

In the classroom setting, if I have to switch ON the minds of my students, I have to act as a live wire and the students are neutral [as they are going through the learning phase, although I am also in the process of learning].

This is just for the sake of making you understand the concept rather than portraying myself as someone knowledgeable.

To activate one’s ‘Creative Mind’, one has to consider himself capable of generating creative ideas using the Beautiful Mind s/he is gifted with by Almighty Allah.

As described earlier in my previous blog Entwined Mind that the basic information related to all the faculties of knowledge is very much ingrained in our mind, we only have to scratch [think] our mind and explore the ways how to make use of that information to convert it into the knowledge.

Having that information embedded in the neurons makes each neuron a live wire and when two live wires strike each other making a short circuit, an idea is conceived, which when is fine-tuned, turns into creativity.

While looking for pictures to be included in this blog, I came across this wonderful analogy which I have explained in many of my previous blogs that water is analogous to knowledge and so is current.

So let the neurons (inside your mind) keep striking with each other creating a short circuit to generate new ideas and you’ll become ‘CREATIVE’ with the passage of time.

Sajjad Hussain