Power electronics is the most important subject in Electrical and Related field of engineering that deals with design, control systems , computation and integration of nonlinear, time varying energy processing systems. Power electronics is a pro and elective course so it has a strong impact over all the subjects. In this we learn about power devices Boost buck Power drives and all the related topics.This post is about some of the project about power electronics. We will discuss more and innovative projects related to power electronics in coming posts.


  1. Single Phase Photo voltaic Inverter without Battery
  2. Low Voltage DC distribution System
  3. Power Electronics Distribution Transformer for medium Voltage
  4. Nuclear Radiation Detection project
  5. RF Based Servo and DC motors Control System
  6. Power Electronics Converters System for Wind Turbine Systems
  7. Electric Billing System Based on SMS
  8. Designing of High Gain DC-DC Boost Converter
  9. Dual Converter Using Thyristors Project
  10. A Synchronizing Device for Power Electronic Converters

01Simulation of transformer less Single Phase Photo voltaic Inverter without battery for Use Of Domestic Application

A single phase photovoltaic inverter is designed. The objective of this project is to convert photovoltaic power into single phase and AC supply efficiently.The difference is this will be done without using transformer and batteries. Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm, boost converter and an inverter with controlled PWM scheme are implemented for extracting maximum power, raising DC level and converting DC to AC respectively.

02A Low Voltage DC Distribution System

Dc plays an important role in today’s life.Every single gadgets and system is now running on DC. DC distribution is going to play a major competition to the existing conventional AC distribution system. The DC to DC can replace the transformer Voltage conversion of AC.

03Distribution Power Electronic Transformer for Medium Voltage

The designed system can provide bidirectional power flow and has as many ports as it is required. The Power electronics transformer can correct power factor and also it can adjust the waveform and frequency of the output voltage for low voltage running application. It can be expanded for high voltage and high current applications

04Nuclear Radiation Detection Project

This is the Radio Frequency (RF) based project for detecting Nuclear Radiations.This can be done using a micro controller and a radiation detecting sensor.

05RF Based Servo and DC Motor Controller System

Another simple project is to design a system that control servos and DC motors using RF.There are so many applications like Robotic art and other DC and servo application but As it is power electronics so for observations and analysis of the power drives and systems this project is the representation.

06Power Electronics Converters System for Wind Turbine Systems

There is steady growth in the generation of renewable energy resources.There is a need for power converter for these systems like wind turbines etc. This is a commercial based project and have a good value.

07Electric Billing System Based on SMS

This project for university students is such an innovation idea because billing is a critical function in almost all service based products. It involves manual process.This leads to an errors.The human based errors. The developed system is mobile and web based system. It eliminates most of the errors caused by manual calculations and data entering.

08High Gain DC-DC Boost Converter

A Coupling inductor is used to design a high gain DC-DC converter. It is used to boost low voltages.It boost the voltages into the range of 30 to 50 times higher the input voltage.The boost converter is without a transformer.

09Dual Converter Using Thyristors Project

The Dual converter is a power electronics control system to get either polarity DC from AC rectification by forward converter and reverse converter using 2 full bridge SCR’s.

10A Synchronizing Device for Power Electronic Converters

A power electronics converters synchronizing device is designed with single or three phase input AC voltage. A current transformer is used instead of voltage synchronizing transformer.We will discuss the detail in another posts as these are just some simple ideas for power electronics projects.

There are so many great and cool project ideas for power electronics that we will discuss in coming articles.These are just few simple ideas.For more tutorials and ideas subscribe to our YouTube channel.The power electronics is a vast field there are so many things that we will learn in the tutorial series.

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