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Technology startup is always something that can make a big difference in the public market.Here we will discuss some most amazing Technology startup ideas.Tech is the most suitable domain for initiating new startups.But if you are also from the related field then you have more chances for success startup.These ideas for picking a niche product or services for your startup.



1Community Service/Home Based Projects

Make your own technical projects in which you are good and which is specially relating to our daily life, therefore I want to share some ideas which is helpful for you to make any of it and these are related to our daily life, I suggest you rather then cooking like a machine by yourself , a Cooking Robot is the project that is used world wide now a days.

Secondly, The Green Appliances,this idea is related to lowering down your bills for your home appliances, Home appliances consume up to a massive 20% of our total energy use.So in terms of financial way it reduces your bill.In other words the projects for smart home appliances.

 Tech Troubleshooting solutions

Make a tech troubleshooting company. Use your skills to repair parts of anything like laptops, computers, mobile phones etc,’It is a stable, in-demand service. Personal computers, Laptops aren’t going anywhere. Computers are the part of our life even we can’t live without digital media.There are millions of online issues encountered for computers and internet.Therefor you have the best opportunity to commence this technical work.

3 IOT Consultant

Make a technical hub for Internet of things consultancy.The ideas and solution provider.Make internet problem issues solved for the people around you and get paid for this, many people of all ages around you have so many issues relating to their internet, it is mostly because the people are not familiar with that issue and these issues are mostly less difficult (common), you have the skills, you just need to understand the problem and make it solve and get it paid.

4Personal Advisor

Personal adviser is something like a life coach.The personal adviser will guide either in the matter of studies , career fields or it could be your daily life.It can provide services like official documentation for any purpose like documents editing include Cover letter, Resumes/CV’s, PDF editing, MS office documents, MS Power Point presentations, statement of purpose etc.

5Software Institute

Learning a technical software can give you a new way for your career.Like learning 3D animation,Modeling and rendering software could define your future field.Software skills are the most powerful skills you have, essential skills educational software has been used in schools, universities for more than a decade. There are over thousands of schools,universities using different software to motivate students and individualize instruction.

63D Printing Manufacturing

This idea is still in trend. 3D parts designing and manufacturing is still in growing demand of field. you can start a small manufacturing industry.The printers now have come up with advance features.Most of the precision work done with these printers.

7Home Automation Gadgets

Home Automation is always a trendy thing to initiate a startup.There are several products that can be used as product for initial setup.The field is just not limited to automatic gates light bulbs and security alarms.

8 E-Commerce based Affiliate Network

E-Commerce based affiliate network is about creating a market for those products in your field and country where the access of those products is many products are new and not availble in your country.Find buyers and connect with sellers and get your affiliate capital.The products like power banks and other innovative gadgets have a good market for low initial investment.Power banks chargers are portable batteries that use some circuitry to control any power in and power out. Everything from mobile phones to battery powered headphones, portable speakers, MP3 players can be charged via a power bank so make Power Bank chargers as it is the mostly demanding product of customers are.

9Robotics E-Shop

Robotics e-shop idea is another amazing idea for starting a new venture.In most countries the demand of cleaning Robots becoming higher .This Robotic field is just not limited to home based robots but the industrial solutions can also be the part of your venture.

10Hands on Tech learning Institute

Every single thing you have learned in your institute is useless without any hands on skills.So the idea is to make an institute that teaches only those skills that can be utilized in the field work or in the professional life.Like designing of hands on workshops for different kind of fields.

These are just few ideas that we discussed here.We will see some other great ideas in the next coming post. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more innovative ideas and tutorials.


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