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We are here to discuss some of the most trending entrepreneur ideas now days for start up company.There are several good business ideas.we will discuss in detail in upcoming posts about Small business ideas.Now there are some startups that are continuously on demand in profit market.Try to generate more ideas form these ideas.That is actually the sign of our creativity.Idea can come in any way.Before any startup do some market research for your product.In starting a business consider some important factors before going to take any step.Here we have discussed some of the major factors that causes the failure of any start up and how to start a small business.So plan out everything carefully.

Ideas for Innovative Startup:

 Niche business ideas:

  1. Drones Manufacturing/Selling/Innovating/workshops
  2. Virtual Reality Theme Park
  3. Smart Education System
  4. Technology Educational kits
  5. Uberization of Everything
  6. Home Automation Products
  7. E-Tag Store
  8. Organic Forming
  9. Bake at Home
  10. Online Office

1Drones Manufacturing/Selling/Innovating/workshops

Drones/Quad-copters industry is the the most growing,trending and profitable industry of this era.The business is growing because of the broad applications of the product.

Startup Choice:

  • Manufacturing of Drones
  • Selling of Drones
  • Value added Re-selling/Adding some innovation to the product
  • Drones Kits parts and accessories selling/Manufacturing
  • Organizing Drone learning workshops.Drone assembling and coding etc.

Applications of Drones:

The application industry of Drone is wast enough.There are several sub industries for this product.I’m not going to discuss each and every here.Below is the list of few of the top application and usage industry of Quad copter/Drones.

  • Drones for Infrastructure
  • Drones for Transport and shipping
  • Drones for Agriculture
  • Drones for Security
  • Drones for Travel/Vlog and Photography
  • Drones for Media and Entertainment
  • Drones for safety/Fire fighting
  • Drones for mining
  • Others…

2Virtual Reality Theme Park

Virtual Reality is still not that common in many countries.Very few people are aware or experienced the Virtual world.The virtual reality is not just limited to the theme park.There are million of applications of Virtual Reality Startup.

Applications of Virtual Reality:

  • Virtual Reality in Military-virtual simulation training field and flight simulation applications etc.
  • Virtual robotic surgery for medical students-Virtual reality diagnostics and simulations etc.
  • Virtual reality in fashion field-A virtual showcase of fashion store-3D avatars for new fashion prints and products.
  • Virtual reality in business field for better business presentation and environment-Virtual view of new products etc
  • Virtual Reality in Culture and Entertainment,games-virtual museums and galleries and theaters.
  • Virtual Reality for scientific visualizations
  • Virtual reality for sports
  • Virtual reality for Interactive Education Presentation.
  • others…

3Smart Education System

This idea is actually my favorite in all other business ideas.I heard something similar to this idea from one of my fellow group in Technology Entrepreneurship class.The smart education startup idea can be launched with really great positive change in society.There is some kind of work needed for this but many of related products are already available in the market.The Original idea of my friends was a little different from this one and I’m not going to share their idea here but might be in some later posts.

Startup Choice:

Smart writing board:The smart writing board is used in many advanced institutes now and the feature can vary as according to the manufacturer.The board is easy to use and remove written work.The amazing part from my side is that it records or save the data for absent students.The board can be connected with student cell phones.It could be helpful for access of on time lecture anywhere or anytime.The features are not limited.

Smart Notice board:The smart notice board is used for saving time writing and printing notices.A quick and eye catching presentation of events and results.

Virtual Reality Labs for Education:Virtual Reality can be very helpful for better concept understanding.Creating 3D 4D applications for better presentation of the concept.

4Technology Educational kits

Technology Educational kits business idea is a small scale business idea.This business idea is also very useful for students.There are several types of kits now available in the market.choose the niche of your field for better innovation and marketing ideas.Students science project kits and Robotics kits are very common in this field.

Types of Educational Kits:

  • Robotic Kits
  • Electrical/Electronics projects kits along with project guide or manual
  • Engineering mechanical kits
  • Science fair project kits
  • Wood project kits
  • Lego kits
  • kids Learning kits
  • others…

5Uberization of Everything

This is also very famous and most liked idea for new startup or business.The one of great business idea for online startup or app startup company. There is no limitations for uberization. The concept of uberization is market replacing concept.Here are some of the Concepts for online bussiness ideas.

I have discussed more ideas in detail about Uberization of everything.

The Uberization concept ideas:

  • Uber for Tutors
  • Uber for mechanics
  • Uber for Home cleaning services
  • Uber for House shifting loading services
  • Uber for Nursing services
  • Uber for Photographers
  • others…

6Home Automation Products

Home Automation business consists of many sub products.The choice could be selling and manufacturing of one item or the whole Home automation system.Some of the products we will discuss here.In later posts we will discuss in detail with more home automation product ideas.

  • Home Automation Startup Products:
  • Automatic dimmers and Lighting
  • Security Systems and Access controls
  • Temperature and Climate control systems

7E-Tag Store

E-Tag store is basically the business idea of one of the Korean super store.For more details search for home plus mart or store.The idea is quite fascinating and innovative in its nature.The idea is not to wait for customers go for the the ads everywhere on public places for super store products and people will buy grocery and other products by using their cell phones.People feel more relaxed and easy in buying products in their daily and busy working routine life.

8Organic Forming

Organic forming is not much innovative but a good business or startup to think about.The idea is related to agricultural field.Many of other ideas can be generated in this field.Here are some of the fields for starting organic forming business.

  • Organic production form
  • Organic dairy form
  • Organic livestock form
  • Organic fish form
  • Organic grocery market
  • Organic wholesale market
  • Organic forming consultancy

9Bake at Home

Bakery at home is very simple business idea for small investments.It is quite easy to find the nearest bakery for your home baked things.The most difficult part in every startup is market.Find nearest bakery and sell your home baked products there.Pack it with your branding or just sale to make some network or market.Search for bakery items it could be cakes cookies or chips etc anything.The recipes are available everywhere on the internet just need to take the initial step for making something yours or something bigger in the future.

10Online Office

There is a separate post for this topic.There are lots of things to start your online business.The online business takes some time to generate more profit but easy to initiate.

  • Here are very common and famous online business ideas:
  • Online Freelancing services
  • Creating YouTube channel or website/Blog
  • Selling domains or websites
  • Affiliate marketing etc…
  • others…

I hope Some of the ideas surely clicks your entrepreneurial skills and generate some motivation towards taking step for startup.If you have any kind of query then comment below.There is series of different business/startup ideas so stay connected for more ideas.Subscribe to our YouTube channel latest updates.Stay motivated and keep smiling.Thanks for reading…

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