Unique Agriculture Startup Ideas | Most Profitable Agricultural business Ideas

Initiating a startup in the field of agriculture requires a field knowledge.Agriculture field is the most profitable field to start a business.Agricultural business requires a lot of work and a workable idea to survive in the field.There are so many categories in agriculture startup to start a startup.Here we will discuss some of the ideas that will help you to take an initiate for starting your own startup in agriculture startup field.The agriculture based startup ideas are the most unique startup ideas.These agriculture business ideas are new and need some work to launch.


  1.  Agriculture Market Manager
  2. Uberization in agriculture
  3. agricultural consultancy firm
  4. Online food trading
  5. Plant Package company
  6. Unique farming
  7. Frozen food
  8. Organic Farming
  9. Green House farming
  10. Aloe Vera Farming

01Agriculture Market Manager:

This is the simplest networking idea in agricultural field that I have found to be a biggest problem in many countries.The idea is about those small farmers and in house individuals who wants to start a agricultural based business and they have no idea about the market.Create a market for those indivuals and small farmers where they can sell.

People often have so many great ideas for startups but they don’t know where to sell or where to start.Create a platform where people can sell their products easily either in a brick or click way.

A platform for :

  • Small Farmers
  • In house farming indivuals
  • Unique new agri startups
  • Individual efforts

Create a network with local market and become a bridge between those people and local market.This model works in a way like a person or indivual who wants to start a flower farming in his house but finds it difficult to connect with market or unaware about where to sell those flowers.You or your company is the bridge that provide a platform or reach that person to overcome all his headaches.Make a Business model canvas that will clear your idea about your channels and revenue streams.

02Uberization in Agriculture:

Uberization is term not used only for uber taxi services but anything that related to the idea.There is a strong need of uberization in agriculture.

Uberization in agriculture field:

  • Uberization of trucks tractors and other agri machines.
  • Uberization of agricultural workers

An online service or App that will mobilize the way of working in the field of Agriculture.

03Agriculture Consultancy Firm:

There is a need of agricultural consultancy in many countries.As I have observed that many of small to average farmers grow only one kind of crops through the year without any proper ways.Provide consultancy about new and profitable crops and ways for growing production.New ways for handling crops and land is also necessary like use of new machines.

Consultancy about:

  • Latest machines and innovation
  • Appropriate chemicals and growth guide
  • Innovative methods for agriculture
  • unique farming ideas
  • Environmental effects and growth guide

04Online Food Trading:

Online business is the best way that reduce most of the efforts and easily growing way.

Create an online food hub for selling:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Mushrooms
  • Online Meat shop
  • Cereal and Grains

05Plant Package Company:

Plat package company is the simplest and effective idea.Provide plants and seeds along with guides.Initiate houhold indivuals to grow these profitable plants and create a network.

Provide a package and Guide about:

  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Others

06Unique Agriculture Farming:

Unique Agriculture farming idea is about starting farming in those categories with lowest competition and high profit rate.

Unique Farming of:

  • Ostrich farming
  • Geese farming
  • Ducks farming
  • Guinea fowl
  • Quail farming

07Frozen Food :

Start Selling frozen products.This could be brick or click model.

Supply frozen meat and other food items:

  • Frozen meat,chicken,ducks,Turkeys,Lambs etc
  • Red meat
  • Ice cream
  • Ready meals

08Organic Faming:

Organic farming is the growing trend in agriculture.

Start organic produce farm:

  • Organic dairy farming
  • Organic livestock farm
  • Organic fish farms
  • organic feed
  • Herbs growing farm

09Green House Farming:

Green house farming is the way to cultivate crops in a certain environment throughout the year to meet the market demands.

Some most profitable green house crops:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Herbs
  • Strawberries

10Aloe Vera Farming:

Aloe vera is the popular medicinal plant.Aloe vera is used in many ways.Aloe vera is used in medical products,Cosmetics and herbal products.

find the appropriate market and start growing aloe-vera either in your home or out side in large lands.

These are some profitable agriculture business ideas that we have discussed.We will share some business model canvas about some ideas in coming posts.All these ideas about agriculture startups need a little work to initiate.Subscribe to out YouTube channel and more exciting and new ideas videos.Stay motivated and always have faith on yourself.

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