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Welcome everyone again. So here we have started another section that is career counseling. I would call it rather inspiration and motivation because it is not limited to just counseling. We have some quite not just interesting but great sense of inspirational topics on the list. Deciding career is kind of really important matter.

Sometimes we need to hear from someone else that what we want to do in life and sometimes some one else told us what to do in life. This is really kind of mind messed question that what actually we have to do with our rest of the life when we got no directions. It is more often happens in almost with everyone that we lost our directions. We lost the way we are trying to go. With that uncleared vision we just ended up with what we do not by choice but by chance.

At this point I supposed you are just graduated. Now what? what are the planes you have for the rest of the life. Are you going to find and get a job somewhere in the industry and then, then what we are moving and getting more higher places? yeah…. it could be. Now this is the best time to make yourself or turn yourself to the right direction. There are millions of ways and opportunities might be awaiting for us but what kind of life do we really want. Here there are many theories. Some people just dreamed of their dream life their dream job. But they are too feared to get that life. They feel uncomfortable to set goals to achieve that life. They don’t push themselves for many other reasons.

At this stage just calm your mind and take a little break to think.

Don’t think what is looking good to you but what really suits you

As I’m an Engineer, I will take this for Engineers. After graduation these could be the possible paths in front of you to take.

Career Options After Graduation:

Always keep an option B

Your decision depends on your End goal. What you want to become at the end. The kind of life you have imagined. Okay I know you are unclear about your vision. Most of us are. Don’t really know where it goes or what is written in the destiny. I think our heart tells us everything if we really want to listen what we want to do. Okay lets see where it goes if we choose these paths.

01: Industrial Job

The very first step after graduation that most of the people do is finding field related job. Some get after one year. Some started doing job in different fields. Half of my friend got job after one year. This depends on the location or country where you live. This happens in Asian countries where there are so many job seekers and very few vacancies.

If you get a job within a year that will be very good pace for moving forward. Gain at least two years experience and then move on to the next step. Moving towards the betterment. Switch to more better organization where you can gain more two to five years experience. If you keep this career path then this will end where you find yourself somewhere the head of department or CEO or nothing but with a very handsome package of salary. After spending many years in industry you can start your own business.

If you are not getting a job within a year then you can plan to go abroad for masters and PhD degrees .You have wasted one year in searching job and need one more year to get admission and for all the visa process kind of things.

One more thing you can do here is start learning skills level short courses. like PLC based courses, FPGA systems, catia,Autocad,3D modeling and rendering, Maya etc. At the same time keep searching for job.

02: Initiating a startup

Initiating a startup after a graduation is a dream for many of us. But is this wise and perfect time to start a startup or business. Which difficulties you will have to face at this stage. At this stage there is only one thing that is 100% and that thing is energy. The motivation to work and a fresh mind to think for ideas. There is no harm if you have a great idea to start something. But at this stage you need to put yourself to some deep work.

The very first hurdle is immaturity secondly the society and parents pressure and thirdly the financing will be the biggest start challenges. If you pass all these and strong enough to go through every challenge then start investing in your ideas and define your own career path. If you fail in your startup then nothing will change just your one or two years. Don’t give more than two years to your first startup to get results. The best life is about experimenting different things.so if you fail then move on for masters or industrial job.


03: Study abroad or Scholarships

Going abroad for higher studies is an excellent option. This whole process will take at least 1 year. Starting from attestation of documents to finding desired course and country and then filing visa case will take some time. In this time you can learn some kind of extra skills course or any language.

Finding scholarship is something that needs a strong profile. This includes Academic excellence CGPA etc. The strong motivation letter to study and research project or proposal can play important role.


04: Job Along with Part Time studies

This option is the most suitable for many of us. If you get a job then start finding Masters in evening or part time. Many good organizations allow to start masters in evening or part time. This will add industrial experience along with academic progress. You can save time.


05: Research Assistant or Teaching

Many of my friends those who have good academic records have started doing research with any of professor as research assistant. This happen if that PhD prof. allows you to become his assistant in research. This will add some extraordinary skills in your personality. Publishing a paper will add value to your profile. This value is useful in getting job somewhere in top organization or getting scholarship or admission.

Teaching after graduation in the same filed is good but if you start doing masters along with or some kind of other work. Like one of my fried started teaching in the same passing institute because he was not getting industrial job and in that teaching period he gain some extra skills and got a good industrial job after some time.


06: End Result

The End result is “The Life is Unexpected” Anything can happen. So be ready for adventures and new experiments. Find your inner voice and define your end path where you want to be. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more ideas and Tutorials. Stay motivated and keep progressing.

There is only one Success and that is Self Satisfaction – MAK

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