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Arduino board is the easiest choice for everyone to make cool Arduino projects. It can be the choice for students projects or just making fun DIY projects. There are lots of lists about Arduino board projects. But some of the Arduino projects are all time favorite and awesome.

Here is the list of simple Arduino projects. We will discuss the kind of cool Arduino projects we can make. Arduino is the simplest choice for making projects. I remember the time when we were using complex PIC controller circuits and kind of complex stuff for making student projects. Now we have lots of choices. There are plenty of different boards and shields available in the market. We just have to plug and play.

Arduino programming:

Arduino programming is the simplest way to make cool Arduino projects. It can be Arduino Uno projects or simple Arduino IOT projects.

There are three main parts in Arduino programming.

  1. Inputs
  2. outputs
  3. Functions to perform

The Arduino programming layout consists of the following basic sections:

Inputs or outputs of Arduino board can be defined on top of the programming or in void setup section. The loop is used to perform the action.

Arduino board projects list:

  1. Arduino Robot projects
  2. Arduino Cube Solver
  3. Arduino Color switching Project
  4. Arduino drawing machine
  5. Arduino gesture controlled Robotic arm or robot
  6. Arduino Brain controlled wheel chair
  7. Arduino based 3D printer
  8. Arduino Based Quadcopter
  9. Weather display or weather forecast using Arduino board
  10. Temperature Controlled fan using Arduino

01: Arduino Robot Projects

Making a Robotic project with Arduino is always an amazing and cool idea. There are so many ideas for making a Robot with Arduino board. Making a Robot with Arduino is not just limited to these old ideas of making these robots:

There are other so many kinds of useful robots that we can make.

02: Arduino Cube Solver

This project got so many attention when first time it was made. Now it is common but always a good one to make. Have some impact as it involves so may learning aspects I can say a good Mechatronics based project. Where a mechanical structure and also an algorithm needs to solve the Rubik’s cube.

I remember in my time I got runner up in a competition because the first one was this Rubik’s cube solving project. So it is good one to go.

03: Arduino Color Switching Project

Another similar project to Rubik’s cube solver is Arduino based color switcher. This is the sensor based project where the task is to place the specific color in the same box. Like when you put red color ball from top and it should be in the red box when it comes to bottom.

So an Arduino and color sensor simple algorithm to switch the color. The bottom is designed with 4 to 5 different colored boxes and the top has only one box where you will put color balls.

04: Arduino Drawing Machine

Arduino drawing machine is also a cool project that you can make using Arduino board. Making a perfect sketch drawing or writings with Robotic arm is more useful and great idea. This is also a wining project and with learning aspect it also have a good impact whoever examine this project.

05: Arduino Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm/Robot

There are some extraordinary ideas in this topic that you can make a project of. Using gesture control is something that looks much different and have so many ideas to go with this. As you can make Home automation and gadgets gesture controlled. Gesture controlled robotic vehicle is an old but good idea.

There are different ways you can controlled with gesture the one is the most common is using flex sensor the gloves and second is image processing MATLAB etc. The innovative method is to control with Leap motion controller. Read related posts about leap motion as I have discussed how to integrate leap motion sensor with Arduino and how we can make innovative and unique projects with leap motion.

06: Arduino Brain Control Wheel chair

Using brain to control anything is quite easy and possible but not as we think it is brain controlled. It is more controlled with artifacts like moving eyes and head. I have done brain controlled project in my final year. There are complete step by step posts available how you can make a brain controlled project. Making or controlling something with brain involves so much work and deep electronics. So if you are easy to go with just Arduino plug and play then choose neuro sky headsets to control anything with mind.

These are brain waves headsets that are available in cheap prices but these are just plug and play you will have no idea what is happening inside that captures your brain waves or some kind of eye blinks to control your output.

07: Arduino Based 3D printers

As 3D printers are now completely captures the commercial market so it will be great idea to go with some new features and design. This is kind of commercial project and have more scope so you can bring more innovative ideas into this and present your creativity in this field. Making with Arduino is quite easy but here you have to design your own algorithm to work efficiently.

08: Arduino Based Quadcopters

I have seen many of students are using or buying quad copters and use them with something else to make a project. This is not an Engineer approach. Making own Quad copter with Arduino with own design will have another value. There are so many things for learning in this project. You will gain extraordinary skills if you succeeded in making a good quad copter that works perfectly as any of commercial Quad-copter.

09: Weather Forecast using Arduino

This one is the most easiest project. It is good to make something that works for your home as well. A good design like a hanging clock on wall that displays your weather is kind of amazing project.

10: Temperature Controlled fan Using Arduino

This one is another community based great project idea. Most of our fans are just dependent on a single running motor. What if a fan is controlled according to weather condition. Not like Air condition that consumes so much power but a simple fan that runs on a simple way in cold or warm weather. This is kind of commercial project that works great with a good design and approach.

These are some Arduino based Projects that works well in academics as well as commercially. We will discuss more community based and commercial projects in coming posts. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more ideas and Tutorials. Stay motivated and always have faith on yourself.

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