Top 10 Arduino Based Projects For Final Year Students | Arduino project ideas

arduino projects

Arduino is hardware and software based program, easy to use an open-source electronic platform. T he Arduino programming is as easy as one two three. For learning something into electronics, IOT, Robotics the Arduino is the best platform to make Arduino projects.

Arduino is not just limited to making hobby projects. Many of the big projects can be done with Arduino. Here are some Arduino projects for final year students.

01: Automatic Irrigation System Of Plant Using Arduino

The way we live is changing by IOT as we see. The Living way of Trees and Plants also changing by IOT.
This project has a massive need where we have plants because that is how much good and perfect if we give exactly the right amount of water at exactly the right time.

02: Radar Based On Arduino System

This is one of the most usable project of all time, students of final year mostly make this project as it is the demanding project in markets and they also make this project for use of departments which has concerned with airlines where they actually use this radar. You need two components for this project one small servo motor and second an ultrasonic sensor.

03: Robot-Rubik’s Cube Solver based on Arduino

This is one of the most interesting project and its really fun to build. You need two servo motors and Arduino to solve solve Rubik’s cube within 15 minutes, but you can adjust the time according to your programming and mechanism to decrease the time.

04: Detecting Lock Based On Your Secret Knock

This “Secret Knock Detecting Lock” only opens the lock when you give your secret knock on the door. One can change the knock pattern according to his/her need by just pressing the programming button and recording the knock.

05: Arduino Based Line Following Robot

This project can be your best project specially as a final year student, but if you win any competition with this project then it goes be your final year project otherwise it is mostly make by a semester students.

06: CNC- Arduino Based Machine

Animatronics is the technology where robots/machines imitate animal and human activities like moving arms, walking, facial expression etc. You can build machines and control them by moving your finger, hands and facial muscles.

07: Arduino Based Surveillance Robot

This is a project which have a high demand in Forces units and students of universities are making it and also selling it to Armed Forces. Armed Forces are keeping these robots for their camps and not only for armed forces even these robots are massively used by mostly families who normally stay away from their house so surveillance robots are also much useful for your home when you are away from your home.

08: Robot Arm Based On Arduino

When we talk about the automated manufacturing, robot arms are the one who play important role with so many applications. They are mostly used for assembling, packing, welding, painting, pick and place task and much more. This Arduino project which is a robotic arm is made of 3D printed parts, controlled using an Arduino Nano and servo motors.

09: Game Project Based On Arduino

As many of the university students made a flappy bird game and that goes so popular all over, you just need to make this project but you have to come up with some unique game so your this project will be worth a lot. This is one of the best project to make for people.

10: Hexapod Robot Based On Arduino

Making a biologically inspired robots is too popular among the engineering students. This Arduino project is all about it, you need to build a hexapod robot have a feature of six legs, a head, antennas, functional eyes and even a tail or abdomen. All of this makes the robot look like an ant.

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