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This is the complete project guide about how to make brain wave decoder project.How to capture brain waves.How to extract EEG waves and utilize in real world applications. Before moving towards the steps I will share my story how I made this project.This was my final year project in mechatronics engineering.There are lots of guides available over the internet about brain controlled projects and brain waves monitoring.There are also lots of devices available in the market for brain controlling and monitoring.Some great devices and gadgets and headsets available about EEG waves.Might be these are very good in capturing brain waves and for brain applications.The challenging task is to design our own system for brain waves.As for student our main focus is to design a whole system from scratch instead of using those neuro gadgets and headsets.

Many of the students use brain monitoring headsets and play with so called mind waves but what is actually and how everything is working behind the scene that is important.So when I with my group mates started this project I was totally blanked about the concept.I had no idea about what kind of system I have to develop.In the starting of project I was thinking to buy a headset and interface it but thanks to our project adviser who restricted us from every existing material.So the first task was to believe that we are going to design our own system.The project is divided into many sub parts and there is much learning in doing this project.Might be we will not get the desired success or the results that we want to control everything from our brain but we will learn lots of things during this project.We will get the results that could be improved in further process and research.We have to learn about how we can make our system from scratch.

There are lots of challenges that you may face in the beginning of this project as I faced with my great group mates.For example the electrodes connectivity and before that the selection of electrodes is one of the challenging task.Filter designing and testing is also very challenging part.There is a great learning process in this project.So get ready yourself for doing something really good and hope for good results.Actually don’t just hope believe it either you can do it or you can not.

The project is divided into different steps.The very first part is literature review.Because with out literature we can not move towards the project.Without much knowledge about the project we can not do anything properly so before starting we should have some knowledge about brain waves how our brain works how neurons communicate and what kind of waves do we need for our project.The behavior of EEG waves.For example our focus is to capture the Beta brain waves so we should be clear about the concept why we are going to capture Beta waves.The beta waves comes in a awake and alert state.The frequency range for these waves.There are some common things about this project we should be clear about these things.There are different ways we can monitor brain waves in this project we will use MATLAB for real time brain signal monitoring.As I have discussed there are lots of brain wave monitoring system available in the market with cheap prices we can use these just as a reference to our project.The project is not as difficult as it seems in the beginning. There are some steps that might take too much time to get results like the connectivity of electrodes.In what areas of brain we should connect dry electrodes to get good results.The difficult challenge is to remove line noise as I have faced in this project when I touch my foots to ground the line noise add to the circuit. Because the electrodes were attached with my head.So these kind of problems you may face.We are just designing the basic system.The 3 channel EEG recording and monitoring wireless portable system.

There are only two main and challenging tasks in this project the one is the electrode selection and connectivity with the skin and the second one is the noise cancellation.The whole project depends on these two factors.start learning about the basic concepts that are involved in EEG project.

  1. Brain waves types and behavior
  2. Electrodes types and materials
  3. instrumentation and basic amplifier designing
  4. Filters designing
  5. How to design second order low pass filter and notch filter
  6. Signal filtering in MATLAB
  7. EEG applications

This is the complete step by step guide of Brain wave decoder project.We will cover each and every step with details and practical results.There are three main parts of the project The hardware,circuit designing and the software.In the hardware section we will discuss about EEG project applications,The selection of electrodes for capturing EEG waves. The circuit designing part consists of designing filters for extracting EEG waves.The last part is about test results and real time EEG wave simulations. The brain wave controlling EEG project consists of many sub sections.The complete project will be covered in the following posts.

  1. Brain wave decoder EEG project step by step guide
  2. What is EEG and How it works
  3. What is the History of EEG waves and Neuro imaging techniques
  4. Brain computer interface BCI monitoring systems
  5. Functionality and Applications of the brain wave EEG project
  6. Material required for portable EEG system development
  7. How to select electrodes for brain wave EEG project
  8. circuit designing steps for EEG portable monitoring device
  9. How to design filters for EEG circuit
  10. Schematic diagrams of brain wave EEG project
  11. Simulation analysis of brain wave controlling EEG project
  12. Challenges and Problems in EEG brain wave controlling project
  13. Final results of brain wave decoder EEG project
  14. How to filter EEG waves on MATLAB
  15. Future research for EEG project
  16. Hardware and software list for EEG project

Everything will be cleared in step by step guide so stay connected for more tutorials and guides.If you have any query about the project feel free to comment below and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials and project application ideas.stay happy and stay motivated.



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