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How to make Portable Inverter with 555 timer IC | Inverter project

Portable Inverter

Inverter with 555 Timer IC

Step: 01What is Inverter?

This is the simple project guide about how to make a portable Inveter project.How to make Inverter with 555 timer. What is Inverter?The Inverter is a DC converter.The Inverter converts simple DC voltages into AC voltages.That can be used for Home powering and appliances like Inverter for home. Use as inverter circuit diagram for home.The simple Portable inverter is used for portable devices.There are different application where we can use portable Inverter.This is a guide of Inverter project for student using 555 timer IC.

Step: 02Why DC to AC converter

As we know that we can not store AC voltages that can be used for Portable purposes. Many of the devices that runs on AC power.Like mobile chargers,gadgets etc. Inverter project is used for outside purpose and where we need AC power.For that we need to convert DC into AC.DC power can not be used for long transmissions and for grid services because of its zero frequency.

Step: 03Objective of Inverter project:

To convert DC to AC 12V DC to 220V AC.The 220 Volts can be used to power up any electical appliance or to power the home bulb etc.

Step: 04Components List for DC to AC Power Inverter:

S.No Components Quantity



12V Rechargeable Battery



2 Transformer  (9V to 220V) step up
or12 to 220 Step downCurrent Ratings (5A or 9A)
3 IC 555 Timer 1
4 Diode


5 Transistor


6 Capacitor


7 Resistors


1K ,2W





Note: The step Down transformer in inverter project will be used as inverted.Use 2 wire primary and secondary Transformer if not available then used step down transformer.

inverter circuit components

Step: 05Working of DC to AC Inverter Project

easy inverter circuit

  • Read about the Pin configuration of 555 timer IC. The internal structure of the 555 timer IC. and Astable multivibrator oscillation configuration.
  • The 555 Timer IC is used for oscillation at 50 hertz that is given to transistor for switching.
  • The switching pulses gives to transformer for step up voltages. The 12 volts DC converted into 220 volts AC at transformer secondary output.
  • The frequency can be changed by changing Resistors and Capacitor value using frequency formula.

Step: 06Connections:

Search about the pinout Configuartion of the IC 555 Timer and transistor (2SC4029).

IC 555 Timer Pinout:

Pin 1 = 10uf Capacitor+GND+Emitter of transistor

Pin 2 = 3K Resistor-joint with pin 6

Pin 3 = 1K Resistor to base of transistor

Pin 4  = Battery Positive +Ve  and 3K Resistor

Pin 6 = Joint with pin 2 and 3K Resistor

Pin 7 = 3K Resistor + 3K resistor + Negative -Ve of diode

Pin 8 = Joint with 4 and positive +12V

Step: 07Applications of the Inverter project:

There are lots of applications of the DC to AC inverter. We can not use DC  to power up Appliances in power failure so a DC to AC inverted supply is used. Here we will discuss only the low power inverter applications.

  • Used to power up light bulbs and Energy savers that need only 15 to 20 Watt
  • Used for electric appliances that runs on low power like charging Fans, Lights ,  even for ceiling fans that runs on 75 to 80 watts.
  • Used to power up gadgets and mobile chargings etc in power failure.
  • Low power inverter can be used outside where we need AC instead of DC.
  • Low power inverter can be helpful as a portable power device.
  • This can be used as academic purpose. The inverter project for student.

Step: 08Results:

The output will be 220V AC 150W at transformer secondary.Connect AC bulb or any other low Watt appliance for results.

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