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How to make Simple Low power Inverter circuit | 100% working Circuit | Inverter project

Inverter Project

Inverter circuit:

In this Tutorial we will learn about how to make simple DC to AC low power inverter. The working principle,Inverter circuit designing for Low power inverter and applications of the inverter project.


  1. How to make simple DC to AC Inverter project
  2. How Inverter Works
  3. Working principle of Inverter
  4. Components required for DC to AC Inverter project
  5. DC to AC Inverter circuit diagram
  6. Applications of DC to AC Inverter

Step: 01DC to AC Inverter:

An Inverter is used to convert DC voltages into AC.The AC voltages are used for long distance transmissions and to power grid services.There are different ways we can convert DC voltages into AC. There are different power watt ranges for Inverter. We can build and design a inverter circuit as according to our needs.For large houses we need more power so we need a bigger battery power wattage and current ratings.Similarly for small homes and offices we need a low power inverters. Low power inverter project can be used in different ways not to just power the homes. Basically low power inverter is just an experiment to build a more efficient and better DC to Ac power system.

Step: 02Objective:

To Convert 12V volts DC into 220V Volts AC.The 220 Volts can be used to power up any electical appliance or to power the home bulb etc.

Step: 03Required Components List for DC to AC Inverter:

S.N Components Quantity
1 Rechargeable Battery 1
2 CD 4047 IC 1
3 Step Down Transformer

12-0-12 5A or 9A

230V primary

4 Resistors



100  Ohm 0.5Watt





5 Mosfet IRFZ44 2
6 Capacitor




inverter project components

Step: 04Connections:

Search about the pinout Configuartion of the IC CD4047 and Mosfet IRFZ44.

IC CD4047 Pinout:

Pin 1 = 0.22Uf Capacitor

Pin 2 = 18K Resistor

Pin 3 = 1K Resitor

Pin 4 ,5,6,14 = Battery Positive +Ve  to Transformer central wire 0V

Pin 7,8,9,12 = Battery Negative -Ve to Mosfet Source

Pin 10 = 100 Ohm Resistor to Mosfet Gate

Pin 11 = 100 Ohm to Mosfet Gate

Note: The 100 Ohm Resistor is not shown in the circuit diagram.The circuit may Still works but I recommend use it for Mosfet protection.

Step: 05Working of DC to AC Inverter:

inverter circuit diagram

  • The Rechargeable Battery provides the DC 12V that is going to be converted into amplified 230 volts by Power mosfet IRFZ44 and Transformer.
  • The Transformer is used as inverterted configuration.The primary Side that is 230 volts or 110 volts is used as secondary for output.
  • The IC CD4047 Provides pulses as push pull configuration at 50 Hertz to Power mosfet.
  • Read the Datasheet of IC CD 4047 for its configuration. The Power mosfets are connected on the pin 10 and 11 of the IC CD4047. The Q and Q’ of the IC output.
  • Thr power mosfets transfers the power to the transformer that steps up the voltages to 230 volts.Capacitor is used to filter out the output response in AC.

Step: 06Results:

The Output results of the Inverter will be 220/230 Volts and 150 Watts for 5A tranformer.

The Results for 9A tranformers will be 200 to 250 watts.

Step: 07Applications of the Inverter:

There are lots of applications of the DC to AC inverter. We can not use DC  to power up Appliances in power failure so a DC to AC inverted supply is used. Here we will discuss only the low power inverter applications.

  • Used to power up light bulbs and Energy savers that need only 15 to 20 Watt
  • Used for electric appliances that runs on low power like charging Fans, Lights ,  even for ceiling fans that runs on 75 to 80 watts.
  • Used to power up gadgets and mobile chargings etc in power failure.
  • Low power inverter can be used outside where we need AC instead of DC.
  • Low power inverter can be helpful as a portable power device.

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