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Robotic Events & Competitions

There are several kind of Robotic competitions held in the world. Some are very unique in their nature and some are quite common and popular.Here is the top 10 list of Robotic competitions in the world.A Robotic Competition is an event where robots have to complete a task. In order to become the best one they have to beat other robots. Many competitions are for schools, colleges and universities but several professional competitions are arising. The competition gives a focus to humanoid robots – one that look like humans, not the animal or machine ones.

MIT Robocorn

MIT Robotic competition held every year, in which many different teams of different countries participate,  it also give such a massive profit and winner also get a huge price winning. Visit their official site for competition ideas.

DAPRA Robotic Competition

DAPRA robotic event take place every year, this event is held for the Military units, so the military engineers from different countries come up with their robots and take participation in this robotic event.

IARC Events

IARC is a drone type robot, this is such an interesting event in which we see a lot of audience every year during this event. Participants could mainly be from the United States and few other countries. This event also telecast in television after this event they announce the winner and the winner get a huge prize.


The challenge is held one a year in the United States and lasts for no more than a week. This event is held between the universities students mostly but it is not specified for the university student anyone can participate at this event, even the last event which was held in 2018 won by a couple who were employed in some company. The BEST refers to Boosting, Engineering, Science and Technology.


Micro-mouse is an annual competition that held in any country worldwide. The micromouse is a famous event worldwide and there are lots of videos available about this event.The main task is to build a micro robot.A micro like a mouse and with that micro mouse robot you have t compete in the arena. The mouse that operates automatically, has to find its way through the center of the maze.

Line Following Robot Event

Line following robot event is also an interesting event in which students of different schools, colleges and universities participate and these students belongs to any country means this event is also called a challenge event in which students from worldwide participate.

Robot Racing Events

This Event is held at everywhere at schools, universities and in different engineering sectors. This year 2019 the University of Waterloo is hosting this event. This event also host by different countries in which thousands of students take participate in that event.

MIT Zero Robotics

There is theme in every competition held in the world.Like to present the world problems and finding the solution.Same as like firefighting robot competition there is something behind all these competitions. Participants worldwide could be of different majors and professions. The problems are normally in the programming field more than the other Robotics’ fields of interest. Participant program a specific MIT robot called SPHERES. This event take place to get a better robot that based on such a outstanding programming.

Fire Fighting Robot Competition/Event

This event take place in different countries, but mostly held in Trinity college (Hartford) What makes Trinity’s robotics competition different from others is that only autonomous robots are invited—intelligent robots programmed to operate independently and to respond in a particular way to outside stimuli; no remote controls are involved. First, second, & third positions prizes are awarded to teams in different divisions whose robots successfully navigate a maze to extinguish a lit candle.

OFF Road Robotics Competition/Event

This competition is organized by the Robot Association of Finland. The aim is to build a robot which is able to move without human help off-road. The competition is held annually at the mid-summer Fly In air show in Finland.