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Top 10 Mistakes Student Must Avoid In Exams

How to attempt Exam paper

mistakes during exam

Making mistake is not a mistake but repeating that mistake is a mistake, what we need to learn is that we should learn from our past mistakes and make it correct for future. Here in this topic I will discuss with you some common mistakes that some of the students do in exams.These mistakes are very common and easy to come over these mistakes.

How to get good Grades in exams


  • Not Read the Question Properly
  • Leave The Easiest Question To Attempt On Last
  • Run Out Of Time
  • Leave Multiple Choice Questions Blank
  • Selecting Two Options In Multiple Choice Questions
  • Leave Exam Room Early
  • Grammar And Poor Spelling Mistakes
  • Over generalizing
  • Calculations

1Not Read the Question Properly

Nature of the human brain is to see what it wants to see and this is more true in the examination hall. If you don’t understand the question completely or you don’t read the question carefully, your brain may trick you into thinking that the question is asking you something that it’s not – leading you to write a completely different answer that does not answer the actual question you have been set.

Leave The Easiest Question To Attempt On Last

Leaving the easiest question on last is always not the good idea. If you have some questions you think you can easily answer them, do them first because this put your good image in front of the examiner that you are very familiar to the answers of the question and also many times the examiner judge you from your starting answers. With this way, you easily pick up marks ‘upfront’.

Run Out Of Time

In exam timing are always so crucial, and have to be carefully manage, as we know we always have a lot of to do in a very short space of time. You need to be a manageable time divider according to the question for this you need to do time calculation so you come to know very well that how much time you need to give for each question. In exam room there must be a clock, so give close attention to it and stick rigidly to the time you have available for each question.

Leave Multiple Choice Questions Blank

The Multiple choice questions are always the easier part of the exam, as it have some options to go with, that sometimes mean that if you don’t no about the answer, so you can just deduce it by working out that which answer are less likely to be the right one.

Selecting Two Options In Multiple Choice Questions

When you ticked the options many times you get confused with the different a different answer, here normally students make a mistake by leaving two boxes ticked and examiner won’t have any choice but to give you zero marks for that question.

Leave Exam Room Early

If you have solved your paper efficiently, and you have much more time after solving the paper then you don’t need to handover the paper sheet and just move out from the examination hall because once you leave the room you can’t go back for something you thought of including in hindsight. So if you have an extra time utilize it to review your paper again.

Grammar And Poor Spelling Mistakes

A good paper includes a good presentation of a paper and good presentation includes correct grammar and correct spellings of the words. A neat and clean paper makes your paper worthy to get good marks. So you have to do your paper wisely to make sure that their should be no grammar and spelling mistakes.

Over generalizing

Nobody seriously, really, expects you to be able to provide detailed references under exam pressure. So it is good to be specific in whatever you write. You should show that you clearly understood the limits of your statements.

Not Giving The Attention To The Marks Scheme

One line answer is not going to be adequate for a 15 mark question. Make sure that your answer fits according to the marks limits.


Formula questions or questions relating to calculation provides you a great chance to score good marks in your exam but students have to be careful while doing calculations as you do it correctly but sometimes you miss any number during calculation so you also need to recheck it to get your answer correct.


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