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Top 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Engineering Students

Mobile apps for Students

In mobile several engineering apps are available in Google play store. But some of the Engineering apps are good to use. Engineering students can get benefit from it by downloading it and make their engineering life easy with the following Tech apps.

1AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is a kind of mobile app that representative of AutoCad desktop software. This app allows us to view DWG files along with drafting tools for editing, basic drawing and share AutoCAD drawings. This is definitely a good app on site visits. This app is also free for 30 days of trail.

2Office Lens

This scanning app allow us to scan the documents as we want to scan. You can crop the image and store it as a scanned file on your mobile. You can then easily use your file in many different ways like converting to Word, JPG or PDF formats so they can be sent or share via social media platform and emails.
This App is free of coast and interested individuals can download the app from their mobile app store as it is available on Google play store, Microsoft store and iTunes.

3Engineering Professional

The Engineering Profession app provides you to solve out many equations that ever need to solve engineering problems. The equations in this app carry more than 600 individual formulas for all of your engineering need. Regardless of your education this app is always best for you.

4Electro Droid

This app is very popular for electronic and electrical engineers. The app provides almost every kind of electronic tools and references. A few examples are logic gates, operational amplifier, capacitor charge calculation, value/series/parallel, resistors ratio, reactance/resonance calculator, ohms law calculator, inductor color code decoder, frequency converter, SMD resistor power calculator, LED resistor calculator, and the list is endless.

5Engineering Unit Converter

If you want to convert your engineering calculation form one to another then it is one of the best app for this. This app provide all-in-one converter for your engineering calculations. The app supports the conversion of electric charge, length, energy and entropy to the different S.I units that they can be measured with.

6Graphic Calculator

This app is very useful weather you are using at home or in your university practical lab, or need if you need to get any of your question graph, you just need to put the values and it will show you a perfect graph according to your given specifications.

7Frame Design

This is a best app for mechanical engineers, students and civil engineers who want to design 2D frames. The app works by taking in inputs and also allows edit supports, hyper static structures, forces both textually and graphically.

8HVAC Professional

For this app developers added a complete International Mechanical Code that’s really help you as it included 200 formulas that will walk you through the process. The app was designed to deal with air conditioning and heating, but it could also be useful for the occasional handyman around the house.


iCurcuit app allow not even allow you to make circuits but also check voltages, test functions and help troubleshoot. The app is free to purchase and users can also see the video of this app that describes fully that how to use this app.

10Programming Algorithms

The app is a must keep for all programmers since it has a massive storage of details on C Programmes, Data Structures, Tress, Algorithms explained with figures, Linked Lists, a number of C++ programs and Time Complexity of Algorithms. This app is all in one app for users.



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Top 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Engineering Students




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